Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Short, sweet overview of BH at SEOM

Sunday was wonderful. Even though it rained cats and dogs in the morning, and sprinkled in the afternoon, I am so happy that I didn't cancel. I thought of it.

I was positioned between a stranger selling flowering cacti bouquets and Linda Branch Dunn. Check out Linda's etsy store and blog. Linda was a pleasure to keep company with. I am so happy to have had this time with her, and I hope that we can be neighbors at a show again sometime.

Perhaps my recent lack of interaction with people who do not work in a hospital setting, or who are not patients may add to my conclusion that Linda is awesome, but Linda is awesome! At one point after the rain stopped and we opened up the wall that separated us from the torrential drips, I noticed that there was a fabric collage facing in my direction. The placement of this artwork was such that the general public walking by could not see it...at all. It was facing me, at the back of my booth.

This quote by Emily Dickinson really spoke to me. Sounds corny, but in my situation, it was undeniably appropriate.

Later in the day, I looked over and saw this fabric collage along side the first one.
I only got the closeup of this one sadly, it's equally as beautiful as the first in it's entirety.

When we started breaking down for the day, Linda asked me if I would be up for a trade. I was. I opted for a handbag that I had been eyeing all day. She wanted some earrings for gifts. Even though I love the bag I traded for, I wish I had traded for the collage with the Emily Dickinson quote on it so I could hang it in Dolly's room.

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