Thursday, April 30, 2009

A walk through Walpole

Rusty and I took a long walk today through East Walpole, into Walpole and back again. We walked through Bird Park (Francis William Park) and all the way to Plimpton Street. We actually made it almost to Main Street, but I got scared and turned back because Plimpton Street is not a street for walking, I found out. Very narrow, no sidewalk, but what really made me turn back was a super friendly black Chow Chow dog not chained in his unfenced yard who bounded over to say 'hi' while I kept saying 'no' trying to pull Rusty away from him (can't be too careful!). It was a nice day for a walk, very sunny but nice and cool. I did find my dream house on Plimpton Street though (in my dreams).

Bird Park is blooming like crazy, a lovely time to stroll through.

We had a wonderful walk, I googled our route when I got home and we did about a 5 mile loop. Rusty was actually walking almost behind me the last 1/4 mile...he was done! This is what a worn out dog looks like.

Look at those eyes, he is just exhausted!

Julie borrowed my car for tonight, so perhaps I will take Rusty on an even longer walk tomorrow to pick up the car at the Gallery. It's nice to have a worn out dog...especially one that is usually barking at you for attention.


Kerry Hawkins said...

Lovely photos and a pooped dog, cool

Holly said...

a worn out dog is the best dog to have! If you ever get that house can I live with you?

Lucie Wicker Photography said...

A tired dog is my favorite kind of dog! Your pictures are so nice!