Sunday, April 26, 2009

1000 Markets

1000 markets is a selling venue that is juried and fabulous. There are wonderful things to be seen and bought here, please browse around!

I just found out that I was accepted, and I am so happy! Please check out my shop there, and if you are so inclined, buy something! Haaahhaa!

It's late, they approved me moments ago, so forgive me for my overexcitability, please!

I can't believe that I got in! Yay!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hurray, Nancy.
Good for you!!!

Anonymous said...

that's Great Nance, Congrates!!

Suzanne said...

yay for you!!!! that is wonderful news!!!! yipee!!!

Ann Gorbett said...

I like this (oh wait-wrong venue)