Friday, April 24, 2009

Old Cemetery

So, yes... I have been amongst the missing, I know it. I apologize to the few readers who have been wondering when and if I would ever post another bit of nonsense, mainly Suzanne and Kim...LOL!

Anyhoo, to celebrate my return, here are some pictures of a cemetery I have recently discovered.

I pulled over and walked around for a bit the other day. It was an incredibly sunny day! I think I need to go exploring more on an overcast day, or when the sun is not so high in the sky.

I would have never even known this cemetery existed had I not decided to change my route because of construction. It's quite lovely, on a hill (although the pictures don't show that well) and very small. I don't even know what the proper name of this cemetery is, but I think it is a non-conjoined part of Sharon Memorial Park.

Just beautiful!


Kim Morin Weineck said...

You do realize the oddity that is posting about a cemetery under "This makes me happy" tag---but oddly I get it.

Thanks for coming out of the Land of the Lost!

Suzanne said...

yes, nancy, welcome back! we have missed you! well, at least Kim and I have! ;)

you took some great pics - I don't know why but i really do love cemetery pics.