Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rock for Autism

Band Gig is rockin' the house for Autism on Sunday June 1st. Please show your support for the artists rockin' for the cause and my brother in law Nick. He is truly the busiest person I know aside from his wife Julie (my busy sister).
During this first concert, there will be an auction to benefit SNCARC featuring a whole slew of different items ready to bid upon.
I will be auctioning one of these pieces to benefit SNCarc, I made them today and I can't chose one, so Nick will have to.
This picture is of the front. They are two guitars one flying v and one les paul. Both made from sterling silver with copper accents.

And the backs

They are not polished yet, I have to leave something to the imagination...they will both be beautiful by the time they are needed, that's for sure!

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