Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Meowing kitties

Buster's stomach has been making so much noise, I am convinced that he has kittens in there. I never noticed him swallowing kittens alive, but I guess anything is possible.

I don't think he feels so good, he hasn't eaten any food today except for some scrambled eggs I made him. Also, he has been eating grass outside, I don't like that one bit.

Kittens are loud when they are stuck in a dogs stomach.


thesilvermoon.etsy.com said...

aw, auntie silvermoon is so sad to hear that buster isn't feeling good. maybe he's just got spring fever!! hope he's feeling better. how 'bout some more pictures???

nancyrosetta said...

Auntie Silvermoon, you want pictures, you got them! I will post some very soon!
He is really a great pooch, he just has some stomach issues....kitty ones. I hear them...they are screaming in there!

Suzanne said...

poor buster! he needs to get those meowing kitties out of his stomach! raven's been eating a bunch of grass too - maybe he overdosed on fresh spring grass. :)

Kathy Weller said...

wah buster ate cats. buster, no more cats. they are not food.


feel better buster.