Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Baby Bird, hatched today?

This morning a tiny bird fell out of the nest that is inside the back door to my sisters frame shop. By the time I got to work, the incredibly small creature was toast. A day of bright sunshine dried the poor thing out. It was heartbreaking to witness this process, but the bird had been dead since I got there, so it's not like I watched it die.

Tonight on our way out, to go home, there was another bird that fell out. It must have just fallen out, because about 15 minutes earlier it wasn't there. We struggled with what to do about it, and I guess since I don't have cats, and Julie has 4, I decided to take the bird and try to raise it until it can fend for itself. The nest is inside the building between the ceiling of the first floor and the second floor, so returning it to the nest was not an option. If we left it where it laid, it would most definately die.
Julie got a paper coffee cup and nestled some toitet paper in it for a cushion, and she carefully lifted the bird and placed it in the cup.
I called the Wildlife Rehabilitation in my area, and they told me that I could feed it mealworms, and water from a dropper. He also told me that he thought it's siblings most likely pushed it out of the nest. I went to Petco and got the worms, and the dropper and came home and fed one worm to the bird, who was actually pretty frisky for food, to my pleasant surprise.
I really hope this little creature lives through the night, I would hate to get bird flu and loose the bird in the process.

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