Monday, May 08, 2006

Endicott Estate show in Dedham

The Endicott Estate show ended up being a fun experience. Thanks to all who visited me there. I had a lot of help, mainly my sister Julie who maintained an air of mischievousness throughout the day, keeping the rest of us amused. She was my key to sucess. I actually quadrupled my expectaions. I would have been happy with making back my booth fee.
I had quite a group of help actually, my buddies Jape and Suzanne supplied a shelter so I could blend in, and tables and chairs. I had a very colorful table which I thought looked very nice. Jape made all my signs (and by the way, I love the font).
Mom showed up and ended up staying all day. Kathy ended up coming for the last hour, I was very happy she could help me with the break down. My husband came and went throughout the day, and I think he had fun, too.
It was sunny and cool, and I couldn't have asked for a better day. I had a lot of fun.

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Julie Weller said...

It was fun! and I was happy to try my comedy routine on all the unassuming fair go-ers. I was delighted at your success! Congradulations! Looking foward to the next one.