Thursday, June 29, 2006

Perry's Dew Claw

Perry is doing much better, although I think it has a lot to do with me keeping tabs on his licking.
He totally knows the english language!
When I notice that he is 'worrying' instead of just licking every now and then, I say 'no licky pup' and he stops. It sounds like it may just be the sound of my voice but I can assure you that this dog actually knows what 'no licky pup' means!

I had a hard time getting the bandage off and the wound exposed, anyone who knows Perry, knows that he has some serious foot issues (all psycological) so it is nearly imposible to inspect his feet, nevermind take a bandage off!
It took two days to get the bandage off, and that was leaving a piece of very sticky tape on the back of his paw. This dangled there for another couple of days, but I finally removed it, with a little yelping from Perry. He seemed grateful when it was totally removed.

Anyway, his wound is healing, the dew claw bud is exposed which I think is very painful, but he is doing better and I hope it heals nicely.

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