Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh Canada, keep an eye on your children.

TMZ comes on at 2:05am in Canada. I know that because I am up watching it right now. It's currently 2:15am and I am having a scotch while watching TV and listening to Scott snore in the bedroom. The walls are very thin here.

I turned my phone on today just to see if I had any messages from my Visa card about charges in Canada since I recently had all that trouble...I chickened out and shut the phone off before getting my voice mails. I really don't want to get an obscene phone bill next month, and I don't have an international plan. I should have upgraded before I left, but data wasn't included, so I said forget it (I checked into it before I left). I have had my phone shut off since before we crossed the border on Saturday afternoon.

I'm feeling like TMZ is the only thing connecting me to the States up here on the island right now. As usual, everything up here is strange. Even having TMZ up here is strange. We haven't come up for the last two summers, so things have changed a little...but not too much.

I met two small children on the beach today who clearly were not warned about strangers in any way (really!?). They ran up to me and wanted me to help them find some hermit crabs and starfish. They were so small, and seemed even smaller since there wasn't another soul around. I was silently disturbed by their innocence. I wondered who their parents were, what their parents were doing, and why these kids weren't being watched. It kind of ruined my beach walk. They would not stop talking to me and asking me questions. I ended up wishing them luck in their respective hunts and turned a cliff corner to get the hell out of dodge. Later, I saw one of them riding their bike up on the dirt rode. I think she was curious to meet Rusty who was barking at her, but thankfully she kept her distance this time.

I'm hoping to get into town at some point tomorrow to actually mooch some free wireless Internet somewhere. If I do, I will post this and get my emails. If not, oh well...

I'm having fun doing crossword puzzles, playing the Sims app on my iPad, and reading 'Too fat to Fish'. We are not lacking entertainment. Plus, I'm keeping busy cooking all of our meals, and killing bugs...good times!

Today is my 5th day without a cigarette. This was my plan. I am not out of cigarettes, I just don't smoke anymore. I urge my friends and family to help me succeed. Thanks for reading.


Suzanne said...

Yeah baby!!!!! Cigarettes suck ass! Love you girl! You can do it!

So nice chatting with you tonight- I miss you! Have fun but I want you to come home soon!

xoxo <3

Kerry Hawkins said...

yeah, no cigrarettes! Go girl!
Have a relaxing time up there

Meilan said...

I hope your non-smoking days are still continuing!!!