Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I learned to knit.

I can knit and I can purl.

Every summer, my husband, dog and I drive 680 miles up to Prince Edward Island, Canada. My husbands family owns a cottage up there far from any city or town on a cliff of an ocean inlet. We are basically cut off from the current high speed world up there. We get two English speaking television channels and one French channel. We have a wood burning stove :)

In good weather, I search daily for seaglass and other interesting beach related gem-like goodies down on the beach when the tide is out. This year, however, the weather did not support that kind of activity. This year, I mastered the art of fire starting. This year, I taught myself how to knit.

I bought a knitting magazine that came with two free sets of needles. It didn't matter what the projects in the magazine were, I just made sure there was a section in the magazine showing how to do the stitches. Honestly, I wasn't even going to attempt anything more complicated than a scarf. So I made a scarf!

It's almost done! I may try to make a hat to match, next.

My husband wants me to knit him a sweater now...something argyle no less.

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