Thursday, July 07, 2011

More on the hacking of Nancy.

I've been stewing in some bitter anger all day. I have been on the phone trying to find someone who can help me delete that false email address (that sent out the spam and thieved my identity) to no avail. 45 minutes on the phone to AT&T the host to my spammers email (mostly on hold), to find out that I have to go through because is powered by them. I have been frustrated all day long. This is a total rant. Yahoo was no help so far.

So, the worst of my problems right now is not the fact that the hacker changed my login info so I can't even see my Facebook page or post on it (I locked it this morning so even the offender cannot access it...i think) but the fact that he/she also deleted all of my contact info in my email accounts. I have empty address books and no emails prior to this morning (and believe me there were hundreds in there, and the folders! Oh the folders!) I am violated, and so are all the friends and family who love and care about me who got that email. I'm horrified. I've been trying to find out how or if I can get all my info back, hopefully I'll be able to, but I'm not holding my breath.

The one thing the AT&T operator was able to tell me was that I have been a victim of a keystroke tracker. As she explained it to me, it is something that tracks frequently used sequences of keystrokes such as usernames, email addresses, and passwords. I am scared to log into anything right now that requires me to type in a password. I have no idea how she came to this conclusion, but I WAS on hold for a very long time, so I'm sure she researched my case thoroughly...Anyhow...

I hope to make a new FB page soon, and maybe someday in the next few months FB will let me move all the photos over to my new page once I jump through hoops to prove who I am. In my extensive research within the last 14 hours or so, I've been learning that it is almost impossible and nobody at FB cares enough to even put in any effort to help (notice how I said 'almost impossible' since I'm still trying... NEVER GIVE UP!...right?). They sure don't make it easy to find the right links to report that you are in trouble.

So, I'm sorry to everyone who worried, but I hope that you are all Internet savvy enough to know not to fall for that kind of scam. I wish I had everyones emails who this scam went out to so I could follow up with a warning, but I don't, they've been lost. Lost by someone who is such a monster spammer, who has evolved from the traditional spammer to one that really thinks things know, nips it in the bud.

I apologize as well to all of the nancyrosetta fan page on facebook. The fan page is linked to my regular page and so it went the way of the ghost when I locked my account...but I had no choice. I'll be back.

As of this minute, this is the MOST I can do about the problem. :(

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Ann Gorbett said...

They sure are getting sophisticated. This has inspired me to change all of my passwords today. Keystroking? Who knew. So sorry Nancy. What hell.