Saturday, August 09, 2008

Jennifer O'Neil

Custom Art Framing and Gallery 9 had our first 'First Friday' (on the second friday of August) featuring Jennifer O'Neil.

It was a nice cozy show. I love her abstract watercolors. I bought this piece.

I left it hanging at the gallery since it just got put up on Friday. I want as many people to see it before it comes home to me.

I do have other framing plans for it, so I took a close up picture so I can ponder it. This is not the entire painting, I know it is a bit larger, but I won't see it until I take it apart. I will be sure to take a picture of it when I release it from its current housing.

This painting reminded me of a painting that Jenn had hanging at the gallery a few months ago, I experienced some hard-core non-buyer remorse after the painting sold, and I truly missed it. So I am super pleased to be the owner of this one.

Upcoming featured 'First Friday' artists include Kerry Hawkins in September, Jude McGinn in October, and me in November!

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abstractjenn said...

Thank you so much Nancy! I'm so happy you have a piece of my work. I can't wait to see how you frame it.