Thursday, August 09, 2007

Norwood Cable Access

We taped the show about Custom Art Framing and Gallery today for the show on Norwood Cable called "Let's Talk Business".

It was a stressful morning awaiting the inevitable, but once it got going it was just fine. The producers arrived just before noon. Two nice young men, Rob and Ryan. Very friendly and down to earth. They made us feel like this was going to be easy peasy, and it actually was a lot less stressful once the whole thing got started.

Well, I didn't actually have to do anything but work in the background while Julie was being interviewed by Jeanne Babel.
Julie was a bit nervous at first, but after the initial segments were filmed she really got comfortable and ultimately did a great job.
During these segments, I was diligently sewing buttons onto a piece of matboard in the background. The (very loose) plan was to attach the buttons while the shoot was going on, but not finish. Then after, they would come over and do a close up of the last button being sewn, and voila! Thing is, I was so nervous for Julie that I worked so fast and had to dilly dally the last few minutes so I wouldn't finish too early. I think it all pulled together nicely in the end tho.

After the interview, Jeanne Babel left, and one of the producers/cameraman had Julie go around the shop to different walls of artwork and talk briefly about the art. This is when she really got into it and started to feel comfortable. I was extremely proud of her.

I am sure that this won't be the only show Julie will do. I know there are subjects that she would have liked to address that didn't come up or she couldn't find the words at the time. Heck, after the whole thing was done, she wished she could do it all over again. She did a great job!

I can't wait to see the finished edit of the show. I will supposedly get a copy of it. Then I can see what glorious eye candy I was in the background.

Oh, and I did remember to wear some make-up.

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