Thursday, August 09, 2007

2 More Sleeps!

It is right down to the wire.

I have one day left to get things done before we leave. Thursday is it. If it doesn't happen thursday, it's not going to happen until I get back. Too bad for me, because I had big plans. 'Had'. I think I have given up. That is horrible, I shouldn't say that. Oh well.

So the plans for tomorrow are to clean the bathroom (there's nothing worse than coming home to a dirty bathroom), pick up a little, pack a lot, take Perry over to Raven's house (his home for the next 9 nights), and possibly somewhere in between those things go to work and finish up odds and ends (we will be closed for the next week). This last task may be the first task if I get a call in the morning from Julie.

Don't get me wrong, I am not sad to go, I just wish I managed my time a bit better in these final days until departure. I actually can't wait to get to Park City, get settled in the hotel room and go out and explore.

My Dad's birthday party (70th) is on Saturday, and then on Sunday Julie and Nick are cooking an Indian feast. Monday, we return the rental car and immediatley rent another to make the drive down to Las Vegas. Oh! That reminds me of another thing I have to do...check out the little dusty towns we will be traveling through on the internet, so we can find places to stop.
Mmmmm...dusty little towns...mmmmm

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Holly said...


I hope that you have the most marvelous time on your trip. I hope that whenever possible you find something odd and wonderful like the Dead People of Murfreesboro, NC.

and don't despair. I totaly suck when it comes to preparing for trips. I always start two weeks ahead of time and somehow it is the night before I leave and the bathroom is a mess and I haven't packed. You're in good company.

Thanks for my fun package, friend! I shall have a tiny masterpiece with your name all over it sooooooon!