Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Semi Truck + Power lines = chaos

I had a most surreal experience on my ride to work today.
I was driving the route I always take, a short boring ride through the neighborhoods of Norwood. As I approached the stop sign next to the post office, I noticed a semi truck one car ahead, slowly driving into the opposite lane to take a huge swing of a right hand turn. I had never seen a Semi on this road, nor do I think I should have. I came to a stop behind the car waiting for the semi to turn.

The semi took the right turn along with the cables that power half of downtown Norwood.

This next part is extremely hard to explain, it was in slow motion, right out of a movie. The power lines that clung to the front of the top of the semi truck began to bungee wildly back and forth, up and down, and a few of them began to snap and spark. My eyes were everywhere, watching the lines all around me, slowly coming towards me and then reversing direction and soaring till they were well beyond where they originated. They went back and forth until the driver ahead of me gunned his car to avoid the lash, and I followed.

I gassed the car so fast, and blew the stop sign, taking a left to avoid the pole just ahead that was swaying back and forth menacingly. I guess I thought getting in a car accident would be less troubling to me than getting lashed with live wires. Thankfully neither happened.

I arrived at work very shaky but safe, and had to calm down a bit before my hands were steady.

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Kathy Weller said...

oh my gosh, how terrifying!!!!! I'm so glad you are alright!!!