Saturday, March 24, 2007

Flowers flowers everywhere

I really missed class last saturday. It seemed like an eternity between classes.

Back on track now.
Today I oxidized my petal ring with LOS and then polished it on the wheel. I couldn't get a great picture of it, the light was messing with the shininess.

I think I see myself in there...Heehee

Then I got to my next project, soldering. I cut these petals out of 14 gauge silver wire and then filed them so that they would have a nice fit. This took a long time. The soldering I did all at once. I made sure that the pieces were butting up against each other neatly, and then fluxed the whole piece and layed tiny pallions of solder on each of the five joints and heated until the flow. Very exciting!

This is a sneak peek of what I plan to do with this very 60's style pendant. I will make another of the curly bail thingy for the other side of the pendant, and solder those on. I plan to tube set the ruby in the center of the flower. I will either set it on top of the center, or carefully file out the exact fit of the tube in order to sink the setting a bit.

I stayed after class and made these five soldered rings, they are 18 gauge and hammered. Totally groovy links! I don't know what to do with only five of them, so I'll have to make more so I can have a chain. These are a bit smaller in diameter than a dime. I used a sharpie to coil the wire around and cut the rings with a saw.

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