Friday, April 28, 2006

Byzantine chain bracelet

I made my first byzantine chain bracelet. I had to make it from copper to test if I could do it, and maybe I will make one with sterling silver next. It is made from copper I bought at the Home Depot in the electrical section. I am not sure of the gauge of the wire, as it was just a multi strand of electrical wire that I had to unravel before making jumprings for this bracelet. Also, I cut all the jumprings by hand using wire cutters, as I don't have a jewelers saw yet, and I have the bruises on my palms to proove it! I think the wire I used is 12 gauge. I have been wearing it since I finished it, and I have to say that the weight on my wrist is quite comforting, although I can't help but take it off every once in a while to toss it in one hand to feel the weight of it, and marvel at the weave. This is such a cool looking weave and it makes me want to learn all the weaves of chainmaille.
Don't worry, I am not going to sell this specimen as there are marks on it from the tools used, if I had a tumbler and could tumble this piece, maybe the marks wouldn't be so bad. I may keep it, or give it away to someone who really really likes it!


Kathy Weller said...

Wow, Nancy, that is so nice!! Great craftsmanship - I love it. I wonder what a bracelet like that in silver would go for. Reading your post about the lack of equipment makes me with that I could invest in your company so that you could buy the tools that you need, when you need them. I guess that's what credt cards are for, ha ha. (Just kidding. Just kidding.) but really it is funny, with three entrepreneurs in the family I know we each wish we could each invest a million dollars in each others companies!!! Maybe some day!!! :)

Julie Weller said...

Awesome bracelet! I bet it feels good on: weighty and cool.