Friday, April 14, 2006

Cheeky Diva!

As I was driving home from NEST with a check for 4 necklaces, I decided to stop into Emma's bridal to show them some of my bridal designs that have been living in my bag since I went on my bridal store search a couple of weeks ago. Well, after parking accross the street, and walking up to the ghost-town like storefront, I realized they have been closed for quite some time. I looked in the windows, and walked around the building, hoping that I was wrong, but alas, the store was empty and there was no sign of life. As I walked back to my car I noticed a pink and black sign accross the street. A store I never saw before. Cheeky Diva just opened before Christmas. A feast for sparkly eyes, and everything a girl could want. All sparkling and pink and black. The shop owner Jacquie, was thrilled to include my crystal line. We ended up talking for what seemed like hours and settled on 10 necklaces. Then she said that I could have a whole display case for my treasured jewels. I couldn't be happier! At first she was a bit concerned that there was a store less than a mile from her that was already carrying my designs, but I assured her that the necklaces that NEST is carrying could not be more different.

NEST is carrying these sterling silver crocheted necklaces in different colors. This image is of a necklace in Amethyst. They also have one each in Lapis, Malachite, and Rose Quarz.

Cheeky Diva is carrying a variety of swarovski crystal and sterling silver necklace and earring sets. The one that is pictured here is light and dark amethyst crystal, but the line has all different colors and styles.

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bead_faery said...

I love this necklace, can be dressy or casual!