Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A very special Christmas present

I made this pendant for my sister Kathy in her signature blog avatar for Christmas. I think she really liked it.

I only took these two pictures, and in retrospect, the pics are not so good. The pendant is adorable though...really adorable. In fact, it screams Kathy. This is her illustration copied in sterling silver. I can take no credit for the design. I placed a piece of thin paper on my computer screen and traced the outline of her little bunny to the best of my ability, and then copied that onto some sterling sheet with a sharp point, and then cut it out. It may not be exactly her avatar, but it is as close as I could get. And I love it!

I think it came out pretty good. Such sweet bunny goodness. I love Kathy, and I love this little pendant.


Kerry Hawkins said...


Suzanne said...

that came out great!

Kathy Weller said...

I love it too!!! SO MUCH!!!! Thank you SSOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I've been showing it off to everyone and everyone is just as charmed as I was! A couple people said "you should sell those." Of course, I am not a jeweler so I'm not about to do that. But design-wise, I say NO WAY!! This design is on my neck only!! I have my very own, original design, funny bunny pendant! OOAK!! OOAK!!! What is cooler than that?!? Honestly.


I will post it on my blog too, once I come out of my blog-bernation.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, this was a perfect giftie. You really capture things just wonderfully in silver. Bravo!