Monday, December 08, 2008

Guitar? I need practice!

****Warning :: even though there is a cute little boy in the first two vidoes, that doesn't mean there isn't a mean old cursing lady in the last video...could be NSFW...use your better judgment. :)*****

I have to share this with you all, not that this video needs any help with has over 600,000 views.
I am in awe when I see such small children with such huge talents, and this boy has a talent that I am extremely impressed with.
Sungha Jung playing 'blackbird'

I really hope this kid can pursue his passion and not have to take over the family farm.

But whoa! Here is the same little boy only a couple of years older...and more adept it seems...
Sungha Jung playing 'blackbird' a few years after the first time...

Practice, practice, practice.

...Funny, the last video reminded me of a video I made a few years ago. I think it has to do with the shelving in the background or the color of the walls... not the quality of guitar playing.

Karate by Tenacious D, played by Nancy on guitar and vocals.


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