Sunday, November 02, 2008


I finished my scarf last night.

It was actually a challenge for this experienced crocheter. I had never used true handspun yarn before, and this particular yarn had incredible fluctuations in the thick and thin. I found it very hard to keep my stitches loose enough and actually pulled the whole thing apart twice before I was happy with it. The yarn I bought from Knittydirtygirl is called Godzilla eats Pumpkins and it has incredible color and texture. My photos don't show the true vibrancy of color, the true color can be seen here or here.

What a great model!

I had a lot of fun tearing this apart and re-making it and in the end, I think I have a fantastic scarf. I only wish that I had enough yarn to make a hat, too.

Two skeins 80 yards each.


Suzanne said...

i love it! great model too!

Holly said...

I love it! Handspun is the best, well second best after your model.