Sunday, November 23, 2008

Inventory is in.

Most of the exhibitors have dropped off their inventory as of tonight. I think a few more have yet to do so, but definitely the majority of it is in.
Displays are starting to look full, and things are being rearranged as need be. All in all it's coming together.

Once the hanging art is hung, I think this place is going to really come together.
As of right now, the jewelry section is not worked out yet, so I have no photos of it. I dropped off my jewelry tonight, but since the section was in a bit of chaos, I left it until things get figured out. Tomorrow, Betsy and Lisa are going to be working on that section, and if I can get out of work a little early, I will pitch in and help as well.
So, I'll end this with a couple of photos of how great the windows are looking...


ami said...

oh how wonderful this all looks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy, lovely post. I lifted one of your photos of the window for my blog (giving you credit, of course.)

Thanks for the play-by-play of the shop's development. Very exciting!

Kerry Hawkins said...

very cool updates! thanks

Christine Marie said...

Hi's so nice seeing how things are coming along, considering I'm in Florida right now and dying to see it in person! I love that my lady with the hat is in the front window!