Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some pictures

Here is my little man, Jack.

Jack was so incredibly proud of the twig collection he scored in the yard, he begged me to take a picture. He is a ham!

I did say 'Ham'..."watch me cartwheel!!!"

How could anyone resist this face?

Georgia and Tucker.

I think I see 'beauty queen' written all over this pose.

Skittles in the bear chair.

"I wanna be in pictures!"

"Actually, I just want to be nekkid"

"Mississippi, y'all!"

Even Skittles likes to munch on pig ears.

Tucker's turn on the bear chair. Yummy turtle, *slobber,slobber*.

Keeping a 'heiny' on Georgia takes a bit of creative ingenuity. She would much rather be 'heiny-less'. Notice the one shoe on the wrong foot, shoes are Georgia's forte. She is going to be a fashion designer.

There is no way I could leave out a pic of Jack on his bike. He was so concerned that I didn't take enough pictures of him riding it. He is a good bike rider, he almost doesn't even need the training wheels...almost.

Ahh, my little peeps. I miss them so much!


Blue Noodle said...

awwwwwwwwww oooooohhhh god those are great pictures!
where the hell was i at when all those kodak moments were being taken???
jack still throws himself around on the furniture sighing a lot as he demands to know when we will see you again and will it be next week, monday is good for him he claims.

Suzanne said...

too cute! looks like they loved being in front of a camera! :)

Kathy Weller said...

very sweet!

Lynn said...

OMG, those are wonderful pics, Nancy!!! I love seeing them. :-)