Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I've upgraded my phone to a smartypants phone.

I've had a blackberry for the last two years, and anyone who knows me well, has heard me say 'I want an iPhone, I don't care...I want an iPhone' too many times to count.

Well, guess what I got on Sunday?  No, not an iPhone, an HTC evo.  I'm loving this phone! 

It's a lot bigger than I would have liked to get, but I'm getting used to that.  The battery does not last as long as I'm used to, but when I first got my blackberry, that battery was awful...it got better over time.  I hope this one follows suit.

Plus, the pictures are 1000% better! 

I'm testing out this Android app for Blogger.  This is the maiden post.  :)

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