Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stressful times

In this troubling economy, many people are losing their jobs.

My jobs are safe because I don't have a steady full time job, I have my hands in many small time efforts that fill my day and give me many small paychecks that amount to a fair pay that I am comfortable with. If I lose one job, I will still have a couple. If I lose two jobs, I will have more time to make more jewelry to sell. I feel lucky in that I am not a slave to any one of my part time jobs. And I feel lucky to have a husband who supports me in every one of my small time efforts, and in the long run, a pension that will take care of us in old age.

Ramble of my part time jobs is being assistant to a wonderful man who deals with people's retirement funds, 401(k)s and annuities. I have been feeling his stress every time one of his highly paid clients loses his/her job and it has been affecting my overall happy attitude. I haven't posted much to my blog as the market has taken a dive with the Bears pushing down as hard as they can. This likely won't change for years. There will be upswings and down swings, but over all, this won't be over for quite some time I fear.

When the Bulls strap on their harnesses and are ready to pull us up and out of this financial mess I'm sure to have a cheerier attitude. I'd love to be posting happy thoughts, but this is on my mind at this moment, so there you go.

Come on Bulls, we're ready for you!

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Holly said...

I could not agree more! It's very hard to put on a happy face in real estate.

All we can do is stick together and keep doing what we can to get by. That's scary!