Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year, New Etsy shop!

It's a new year, and time for new endeavors!

I have opened a new Etsy shop with vintage jewelry and jewelry components. Most of the vintage jewelry that will be featured in my new shop is courtesy of my friend Jape's mother and animal advocate extraordinaire.

Please check out my new shop findingrosetta where 50% of all profits from sales will be donated to the Neponset Valley Humane Society.

Here is a sneak peek of what you will find at findingrosetta
Vintage flower brooch

Vintage telephone cuff links

And a vintage brooch that has already sold...thanks Kathy!

Although its fun for me to take pictures and list items, my main goal here is to make some money for the Neponset Valley Humane Society. So please take a look and see if there is anything you like, even if you like it to just take it apart and make something else with it. Because that is fun, too!


Kerry Hawkins said...

These are great for a cool cause. Very fun

Holly said...

your pics look fantastic! and I am so happy you picked such a worthy cause.

nancyrosetta said...

Thanks Kerry and Holly!

Holly, I finally caved in and bought a light tent thingy...just a really cheap one. It's amazing how much better my pictures are now, and I'm not so grumpy when I have to take pictures anymore...heehee.