Monday, April 16, 2007

Bezel set ring

I am late in posting this week.
On Saturday, we had bezel setting demos.
I decided I had to try it while the information was fresh in my thoughts. So, instead of finishing the flower necklace, I made this ring. I will finish the necklace this week.
This stone is an intersting combination of turquoise and I think green aventurine and amethyst. Feel free to correct me, as my guess is uneducated, I made this determination purely from the colors and texture of the stone.
I really want to join my local rock hound club...if there is such a thing.

I cut the shank out of 18ga silver sheet and sweat soldered it to my bezel which I made from 1/8in bezel wire and 24ga sheet for the bottom.
My last soldering, which was easy solder, seemed to make the solder joint on the bezel recede (I knew this could happen, but this was my first experience with it). I used hard solder on the bezel wire and medium solder to attach it to the base, then easy solder to attach the shank to the box bezel.

I worked on this ring for 4 1/2 hours and the stone is still loose. I really wanted to get it secure, but I was running out of time, and I don't have a bezel pusher at home. Maybe I can find something around the house that will do the trick.
I wore this ring all saturday night and all day sunday, and the stone is still in, just loose.

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